Kelly Ripa Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of FameRubberneckers, you have a date with "Live! With Kelly and Michael" Tuesday, April 26, after nearly a week-long absence. It should be ... interesting.

Some of Ripa's time away was planned, but she was supposed to sit next to Strahan last Wednesday and Thursday. She skipped her own show in a form of protest after reportedly being blindsided by Strahan's Tuesday afternoon announcement that he was leaving the show in September. The situation has been awkward ever since.

However, a source told People that Strahan is "looking forward to having Kelly Ripa back on 'Live!' He never wanted any of this to happen. He got why she was mad but it was out of his control. He spent the last few days reaching out because he wanted her to come back." This source said Strahan was "prepared to go on by himself if he had to" but he's glad that Ripa will be returning on Tuesday.

Strahan thanked his absent co-host through the TV last Wednesday, when addressing his announced departure. On Friday, Ripa apparently sent an e-mail to her staff to say she would return this Tuesday. People shared the note, which read, "I wanted to thank you all for giving me the time to process this new information. Your kindness, support and love has overwhelmed me. We are a family and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning."

So at the very least, Tuesday's show should have pretty high ratings as everyone tries to read the body language and power their phones with the electric charge the studio. Bring your popcorn!

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