Shia LaBeouf once wore a paper bag over his head to announce "I am not famous anymore," but he's still famous enough that strangers are willing to punch other strangers on the streets of New York simply for resembling him. That's when you know you are actually quite infamous.

A NYPD spokesperson confirmed to People that Mario Licato, 26, now has a black eye after being punched by a man in his 20s while walking down the subway stairs at the corner of Essex and Delancey. According to the NYPD rep, the punching man stated, "This is because you look like Shia LaBeouf."

So he never thought the guy was Shia LaBeouf, he just apparently hates the "Transformers" actor so much that he's now on a hunt through the streets, punching anyone who even comes close. It's like the Terminator taking out any and all Sarah Connors. Casualties are inevitable.

The victim took to Instagram to share a photo of his black eye. He doesn't seem to resent Shia for the association; in fact, he takes it as a compliment:

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