Bucky Backwash FTW! "The Tonight Show" to play an aggressive game of Musical Beers.

Maybe Elizabeth and Sebastian just have very low tolerances because, after only one round, they screwed the whole game up. While the music was still playing, Elizabeth got a little too excited, and snatched one of the cups away from Jeremy, who had rested his hand near it while they were going around the table. She lifted it up, but quickly dropped it when she realized the mistake.

But Sebastian followed her lead, instead of the music, and not only grabbed the cup nearest him, he started drinking from it. Since the music was still playing, Jimmy Fallon told Sebastian to spit out what he had just put in his mouth. So he did. And guess what? The music just happened to stop right after that, ensuring that Jimmy would have to drink Sebastian's backwash.

There are probably fans out there who are into Sebastian enough to want to drink his spit from a red Solo cup, but Jimmy is not one of them. He drank it, though, and it turns out that little event foreshadowed what was to come in the tense final round of Jimmy vs. Sebastian.

Watch and see how it all played out:

If only savage Katie Holmes were around to show these fools how to play the game.

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