Two "Game of Thrones" stars whose separate storylines were left a bit up-in-the-air after Season 6 were recently spotted heading to the HBO show's filming headquarters. Yeah, they could've been going to Belfast, Northern Ireland for other reasons, but that's less likely than some pre-production work before Season 7 filming starts later this summer. Get hype!

As you know, filming is starting later this year, because winter is lame. Watchers on the Wall previously shared a casting notice for filming in September, which is still a while from now, but they said pre-prep work should be starting right around now, including things like costume fittings.So, with that in mind, they passed along the exciting news that both actors Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) were seen heading to Belfast, potentially for filming. That at least hints to seeing Jorah and Brienne early in Season 7.Brienne was last seen rowing away from Riverrun, along with Pod. Jorah was last seen being told to go find a cure for his greyscale. No pressure, but Daenerys Targaryen commanded it -- she wants his help to rule the Seven Kingdoms, but he's on his own to find that cure.

Perhaps we'll follow his cure journey early in Season 7? Total guess. No proof. Just hope. 'Cause Jorah is a hero, and the entire Mormont family is boss.

Here are the fan sightings:

Other actors will probably be spotted heading to Belfast pretty soon. Remember last year when poor Kit Harington was stalked to Belfast, and everywhere else, for clues on Jon Snow's fate? Good times.

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