Bad SantaNo need for naughty or nice lists here — everyone in "Bad Santa 2" is on the first one.

The first red-band trailer for the sequel to the 2003 comedy is here, and it brings back Billy Bob Thornton as chain-smoking, foul-mouthed Willie Soke. He's still up to his old antics — using his Santa costume as a cover-up to steal during the holidays. This time, he and his handy helper Marcus (Tony Cox) bring aboard the now-grown-up Thurman (Brett Kelly) to target a Christmas charity.

Things get complicated, though, by the arrival of Willie's mom (Kathy Bates) and his developing feelings for the charity director (Christina Hendricks).'Bad Santa 2' (2016) Red Band Trailer

The trailer features plenty of swearing, brawling, and bare butts, but not a lot of jokes. Thornton himself admitted the sequel won't be as good as the first movie, but hey, sometimes you just need a bit of raunchy cheer during the holidays.

"Bad Santa 2" opens in theaters November 23.

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