Isn't meeting yourself supposed to be a Time-Turner paradox?!

The young film version of Ron Weasley just met the adult stage play version of Ron Weasley after actor Rupert Grint attended a performance of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" in London. Paul Thornley plays older Ron in the play, and they had a bit of a ginger bro-down after the show:

No idea why Grint wore an "Anti-Social" T-shirt when he was clearly feeling pretty social, but maybe that's just what Rons do. Now, what Hermiones do is write eloquent posts on Facebook in praise of the show, so read Emma Watson's reaction to the play.

Most fans haven't had a chance to see the "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" play (yet) but a script book was just released on July 31. If you're interested, Entertainment Weekly posted Amazon Kindle's list of the top 10 most highlighted passages from the script. Some of them might be considered spoilery, but here's No. 10, from Hermione to Ron:

"If this is your way of saying you want a marital break, Ron, then, to be clear, I will skewer you with this quill."

Oh, how we missed those two!

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