You remember Glenn's fake-out death in "The Walking Dead" Season 6, right? At the time, we thought that would be the biggest fan gripe of the season. Oh, sweet summer children! Many viewers believed that Glenn lived up to his Walker Bait nickname after Nicholas shot himself (after a polite "thank you," which was the episode title) and they both fell to the ground with a herd of walkers around them.

The way the scene was shot, it looked like Glenn was being eaten alive. Obviously, that's what we were supposed to think, and the show kept the gag up for a few episodes -- even removing actor Steven Yeun's name from the credits -- until revealing that Glenn had scooted himself under a Dumpster for protection.

TWD Season 6 is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, August 23, and Anchor Bay has been sharing clips from the bonus features. The latest one is a 3-minute video called "Guts & Glory," detailing the making of that scene where Nicholas's guts were ripped out.

As it turns out, producer/director/special effects guru Greg Nicotero was actually in the scene himself to make sure the elaborate rigging system went seamlessly:

"I was, like, in the shot directing everybody as to what to do while we were doing it. It worked perfectly. I got chills. I was right there looking at it going, 'Oh my god. This is so great! Wait, no, I have to stay in character. Wow, this is so cool! No, I've got to keep digging, keep ripping." It's one of the effects that I'm really proud of. Everybody in the country is going to hate me after they watch this episode. They may like me later, but they'll hate me then."

TWD fans are used to being tricked at this point. (And it just happened again in the first sneak peek scene from Season 7.)

Watch the bonus feature, with more from the cast and producers on that scene:"The Walking Dead" Season 7 premieres Sunday, October 23 on AMC.

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