How rude? According to "Fuller House" Season 2 is bringing back two OG "Full House" characters -- both connected to D.J.'s (Candace Cameron Bure) past -- but in recasted roles.

Do you happen to remember Nelson Burkhard, the rich guy's son who dated D.J. back in the day, and even had a date with Kimmy Gibbler when he and D.J. had broken up? Well, he was played by Jason Marsden in the original "Full House" series in the mid-1990s, but TVLine said they are now re-casting for the role in "Fuller House" Season 2.

Netflix is also casting for Kathy Santoni, originally played by Anne Marie McEvoy. Back when D.J. was 12, Kathy was something of a frenemy -- a friend but one who occasionally inspired jealousy, competition, and irritation. So not the best of friends.

TVLine said both Kathy and Nelson will be at D.J.'s high school reunion in the new season and, the site added, "you'll be happy to learn that very little has changed for either of them; Nelson is still obnoxiously wealthy, constantly boasting about his yacht and three houses, while Kathy is every bit as b*tchy and pregnant as we remember her. (That's right. Go back and watch Season 8.)."

In other D.J. news, you may recall hearing that Season 2 would also include a D.J. "clone" as Steve's new girlfriend. But don't worry, Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) won't be left out -- she gets her own weird new boyfriend.

Are you happy to hear that fans will see Nelson and Kathy again, or frustrated that the original actors won't be returning in the roles? It's possible the actors just didn't want to return. But what's a high school reunion if it doesn't reveal how our old friends really turned out?

Season 2 doesn't have an official release date yet, but it should be coming soon.

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