Jason Statham is not here for your sassy feud rumors. But thanks to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's post calling his male "Fast 8" co-stars "candy asses," pretty much everyone involved in "The Fast and the Furious" franchise is being asked to react. Statham clearly wishes this was not the case. He's trying to promote "Mechanic: Resurrection," so when People asked him about the "Fast 8" drama, he bobbed and weaved like a champ.

"I stay out of any bickering or any troubles that people have. I have nothing to do with it and I don't want any part of it." Statham said he's "a good friend of Dwayne's" and he'd "like to keep it that way," adding, "Look, Dwayne's his own man and what he says he's entitled to say in his own way. And what he wants to say – you've got to ask him."Statham, who plays Deckard Shaw, told People he loved the whole experience of working on "Fast 8," calling the cast "phenomenal."

So that's his take on it, and don't bother asking him for more on The Rock/Vin Diesel chatter, 'cause Jason Statham is not the kind of guy you want to annoy. "Fast 8" is scheduled to open April 14, 2017.

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