MascotsChristopher Guest has explored the worlds of dog shows, folk music, and stage musicals. Now, he's turning his satirical eye on mascot competitions, and we're stoked.

Netflix released the first trailer for Guest's "Mascots," and it's weird and funny and quirky in the vein of his other films, like "Waiting For Guffman" and "Best in Show." Apparently, the world of sports mascots is ultra competitive and the people inside those goofy costumes take it seriously. Ed Begley, Jr. is a donkey mascot with "the first anatomically correct costume" (LOL), while Parker Posey is Alvin the Armadillo. Oh, and Betty the Banana Slug failed his drug test!
Many of Guest's regular performers appear, including Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, Fred Willard, and Bob Balaban. There are also some newcomers to his mockumentary world, like Chris O'Dowd, whose "The First" is "the bad boy of sports mascotery."

"Mascots" will start streaming October 13 on Netflix.

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Mascots Movie Poster
In Theaters on October 13, 2016

Sports mascots reveal the peculiarities of their ultra-competitive world as they pursue the highest honor... Read More

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