shanghai noon, shanghai knights, sequel, jared hess, shanghai dawnMore than 13 years after the last entry in the "Shanghai Noon" series hit theaters, a third flick in the franchise is reportedly in the works.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Jared Hess, who directed indie hit "Napoleon Dynamite," has officially signed on to helm the threequel, titled "Shanghai Dawn." Original stars Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are currently in talks to reprise their starring roles, per THR.

This is a surprising development for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that this franchise has been dormant for more than a decade. "Shanghai Noon," which first hit theaters in 2000, was a surprise success, starring Chan and Wilson as an unlikely duo who team up to save a Chinese princess. The 2003 sequel, "Shanghai Knights," moved the action to London, though it pulled in about $10 million less than its predecessor.

It's unclear why studio MGM thinks the time is right to revive the series, though Hess recently worked with Wilson on his upcoming comedy "Masterminds," so perhaps the two got to talking about the series, and another collaboration blossomed from there. The story was conceived by original "Shanghai Noon" and "Knights" screenwriters Miles Millar and Alfred Gough (who are also producing the threequel), and is being written by Theodore Riley and Aaron Buchsbaum.

No word yet on when production might begin on "Shanghai Dawn." Stay tuned.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]