'I Medici' Red Carpet In FloreceDead characters don't always stay that way on HBO's "Game of Thrones," so it's no wonder fans have cooked up a way for Robb Stark (Richard Madden) to return to the fantasy drama series.

*Be warned: There are possible spoilers ahead.*

There have been no signs of Robb's return after he was brutally killed off in Season 3, but a popular fan theory suggests that he could. The theory -- which Madden recently responded to in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter -- is based on George R.R. Martin's series "A Song of Ice and Fire." In the books, a resurrected Lady Catelyn Stark takes her revenge on those who wronged her and her family, earning the nickname "Lady Stoneheart." The fan theory predicts that Robb will come back instead.

If you're hoping to see it happen, you may need to reconcile yourself now to the fact that Robb is truly and permanently dead. When asked about the possible storyline, he told THR that it wasn't in the works as far as he knew.

"I've not heard anything, of course," he said. "I suppose I wouldn't have the phone call, because they're very secretive about everything."

Either way, he seemed wary of a return and didn't give a definite "yes" when asked if he'd want to come back. His reasoning is fair, though: Robb's story was already wrapped up well.

"Robb Stark had such a great storyline, three seasons where he had this great start, middle and end to his character, and it set up such a great purpose to the show up to that point," he said.

None of this sounds like it bodes well for a return, but all hope isn't lost: Madden admitted that the actors do lie about plot developments to keep the show's secrets. Anything's possible.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]