Michelle Rodriguez And Sanoe Lake In 'Blue Crush'The list of hit films being turned into TV series just keeps growing; the latest adaptation to be added is the 2002 surfer flick "Blue Crush."

The series recently received a script commitment with penalty from NBC, according to Deadline. While we don't know yet how closely the adaptation will follow the movie, it's safe to say that there will be female surfers. The film centered on three friends (played by Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake) living together in Hawaii. Meanwhile, one of them, Anne Marie (Bosworth), was trying to stage a surfing comeback after a near-drowning incident, plus balance taking care of her sister and her love life.

The adaptation will bring back one of the film's screenwriters, Lizzy Weiss, who co-wrote the "Blue Crush" screenplay with director John Stockwell. She's set to write the series and executive produce. Another vet, Brian Grazer, will return as executive producer.

"Blue Crush" was a lot of fun as a movie, so if the series becomes a reality, we'll see if it can ride the same wave.

[via: Deadline]