Star Wars"Star Wars" is getting bigger than ever.

The final movie in the new "Star Wars" trilogy, "Episode IX," will be shot on 65mm film. The news was revealed by Kodak, which announced that their film processing facility in the U.K. can now handle the large-format film and that "Episode IX" is one of the projects that will take advantage of that.

This marks a departure from the other two movies in the new trilogy. J.J. Abrams chose 35mm film for "The Force Awakens" (with some use of 65mm), and Rian Johnson is continuing with that choice for "Episode VIII." Johnson apparently wanted to use 65mm entirely, but couldn't due to "logistical reasons" (likely, no facility for processing dailies). But now, Colin Trevorrow can do what Johnson couldn't.

Using 65mm film means Trevorrow can capture a larger frame at higher quality. The format is similar to IMAX's 70mm film.

You know what that means -- lightsaber battles in super high resolution!

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