If you're a "Gilmore Girls" fan, you've no doubt already settled an age-old question: Are you Team Jess, Team Dean, or Team Logan? It turns out that the stars of the show also have some strong opinions on the subject of Rory's former boyfriends, and now, they're revealing which of those three guys they liked best.

In anticipation of the November 25 debut of revival series "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life," the official "Gilmore Girls" Twitter account posted a video interview with various cast members, asking them to declare themselves a member of one of the aforementioned teams. For some, the answer was simple (actress Rose Abdoo, who plays Gypsy, said she was Team Dean because "he had the best car"), while others simply couldn't choose (Liz Torres and Sally Struthers, who play Miss Patty and Babette, respectively, both said they'd pick all three, since they "drooled" over all the guys across seven seasons).

That indecision makes sense, reasoned Logan actor Matt Czuchry.

"Each of those boyfriends came along at just the right time for her, to bring something out that she needed to experience in her life at the right time," Czuchry said. "So, each boyfriend was the right one at the right time."

One actor who's firmly on Team Jess is a surprising convert: None other than Dean himself, with actor Jared Padalecki citing Jess's bad boy cred and his penchant for book reading as part of his draw. And as for the actor behind Jess, Milo Ventimiglia said his onscreen alter ego was easy to root for because he turned out to be a decent guy. He also joked that fans probably disliked Dean because he was too tall, and said that the Jess vs. Logan decision came down to "a blonde/brunette thing, like light/dark."

"Maybe dark wins," Ventimiglia mused.

It's no secret where our loyalties lie (#TeamJess all the way), but what about Rory's? Actress Alexis Bledel stayed out of the debate, but we have a couple key clues that certainly point to Rory choosing Jess when the revival premieres. We only have one more week until we know for sure.

[via: Gilmore Girls/Twitter]