Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (2024)

Miniseries "Two stories. One path to the dark side."TV Show
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Star Wars: Tales of the Empire
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A journey into the fearsome Galactic Empire through the eyes of two warriors on divergent paths.
DirectorsNathaniel VillanuevaSaul RuizSteward Lee
WritersAmanda Rose MuñozNicolas AnastassiouAmanda Rose Muñoz

Tales of the Empire Review

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire’ takes a walk on the dark side. This follow-up to 2022’s ‘Tales of the Jedi’ fills in backstory for former Jedi Barriss Offee and powerful witch Morgan Elsbeth in a new animated series. Landing on Disney+ on –– when else? –– May the 4th, new animated limited series ‘Tales of the Empire’ aims to do for two notable Dark Side personalities what ‘Tales of the Jedi’ did for the likes of Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku: fill in some of their backstory.

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Air Date:May 4th, 2024

Last Air Date:May 4th, 2024

Original Language:English
Production Companies:Lucasfilm Ltd., Lucasfilm Animation
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