70th Primetime Emmy Awards

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watch nicole kidman get adorably flustered explaining that alexander skarsgard emmys kiss

Watch Nicole Kidman Get Adorably Flustered Explaining That Alexander Skarsgard Emmys Kiss

This is the kind of hilarious conversation you get when you put Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston,... Read more

wait ross from friends invented netflix s emmy winning black mirror episode

Wait, Ross From 'Friends' Invented Netflix's Emmy-Winning 'Black Mirror' Episode?

Could this BE more mind-blowing? 'Friends' ended its run in 2004, 12 years before 'Black Mirror' Season... Read more

stephen colbert suggested sean spicer s controversial emmy cameo

Stephen Colbert Suggested Sean Spicer's Controversial Emmy Cameo

The idea for former press secretary Sean Spicer's controversial Emmys appearance came from host Stephen... Read more

rachel bloom had to buy her emmys dress because she s not a size zero

Rachel Bloom Had to Buy Her Emmys Dress Because She's 'Not a Size Zero'

While many celebs who attend red carpet events have their pick of designers sending them free clothes,... Read more

2017 emmys 13 best and worst moments

2017 Emmys: 13 Best and Worst Moments

Even if you have a high tolerance for jokes about Donald Trump, the 69th annual Emmys ceremony, with... Read more

2017 emmy awards eyeing all time low ratings

2017 Emmy Awards Eyeing All-Time Low Ratings

UPDATE: The final Emmy numbers are in: According to Deadline, 11.38 million viewers watched the 69th... Read more