89th Academy Awards

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oscars invite record number of new members including gal gadot jordan peele john cho

Oscars Invite Record Number of New Members, Including Gal Gadot, Jordan Peele, John Cho

Oscar is getting some new blood. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences invited a record 774... Read more

robert pattinson and adam sandler have early oscar buzz after cannes yes them

Robert Pattinson & Adam Sandler Have Early Oscar Buzz After Cannes (Yes, Them)

It's time to question everything, because two of the least expected actors are earning top buzz at the... Read more

jimmy kimmel will host oscars again promises even crazier ending

Jimmy Kimmel Will Host Oscars Again, Promises Even Crazier Ending

Jimmy Kimmel will return to host the Oscars in 2018 -- and he's joking that he's going to top this year's... Read more

oscars make major changes to animated feature documentary film categories

Oscars Make Major Changes to Animated Feature, Documentary Film Categories

The Academy Awards are taking the Best Animated Feature Film category back to the drawing board. The... Read more

academy sets oscars ceremony dates for next four years

Academy Sets Oscars Ceremony Dates for Next Four Years

Get out your calendars -- the Oscars want to set up some dates. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and... Read more

ryan gosling has a semi serious reason for laughing through oscars fiasco

Ryan Gosling Has a Semi-Serious Reason for Laughing Through Oscars Fiasco

Obviously, Ryan Gosling won the 2017 Oscar for Best Reaction to That Hot Mess. While everyone else lost... Read more

nicole kidman explains her awkward clapping at the 2017 oscars

Nicole Kidman Explains Her 'Awkward' Clapping at the 2017 Oscars

Nicole Kidman can act her way to an Oscar, but she can't successfully put her hands together for applause.... Read more

ian mckellen shares great advice for faye and amp warren and all awards presenters

Ian McKellen Shares Great Advice for 'Faye & Warren' and All Awards Presenters

If only Sir Ian McKellen had spoken out before the 2017 Oscars, there would be no EnvelopeGate at all.... Read more

jimmy kimmel reveals the matt damon joke that was supposed to close oscars

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the Matt Damon Joke That Was Supposed to Close Oscars

Apologies to Matt Damon, but Jimmy Kimmel ran out of time. Again. Oscars 2017 host Jimmy Kimmel poked... Read more

two accountants in best picture mistake won t work for oscars again

Two Accountants in Best Picture Mistake Won't Work For Oscars Again

The two accountants responsible for the Best Picture mistake at Sunday night's Oscars will not be working... Read more

moonlight expanding to more than 1 500 theaters this weekend

'Moonlight' Expanding to More Than 1,500 Theaters This Weekend

Newly crowned Oscars Best Picture winner 'Moonlight' will get its moment in the sun. The drama —... Read more

casey affleck responds to sexual harassment allegations and amp oscars backlash

Casey Affleck Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations & Oscars Backlash

Denzel Washington was in tears as Casey Affleck accepted the 2017 Oscar for Best Actor, and he was not... Read more

oscars 2017 jennifer aniston thought she d get her 625 sunglasses back

Oscars 2017: Jennifer Aniston Thought She'd Get HerĀ $625 Sunglasses Back

Almost nothing went as planned at the 2017 Oscars, including Jennifer Aniston leaving without her $625... Read more

moonlight director barry jenkins reveals his real best picture acceptance speech

'Moonlight' Director Barry Jenkins Reveals His Real Best Picture Acceptance Speech

To say that 'Moonlight''s thunder was stolen during Sunday night's Oscars ceremony is an epic understatement.... Read more

mark hamill should win an oscar for star wars the last jedi j j abrams says

Mark Hamill Should Win an Oscar for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi,' J.J. Abrams Says

While 'Star Wars' fans are gearing up for the December release of the next installment in the new trilogy,... Read more

oscars 2017 jimmy kimmel reveals what went down during best picture chaos

Oscars 2017: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Went Down During Best Picture Chaos

In what he calls 'the weirdest TV finale since 'Lost,'' Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel is finally speaking... Read more

oscars 2017 twitter may be to blame for pwc envelope mix up

Oscars 2017: Twitter May Be to Blame for PWC Envelope Mix-Up

The representative from accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers responsible for handing off the wrong... Read more

oscars 2017 the academy apologizes for best picture snafu vows to investigate

Oscars 2017: The Academy Apologizes for Best Picture Snafu, Vows to Investigate

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has finally issued a statement about the bizarre turn... Read more

oscars 2017 ryan gosling and justin timberlake had a mickey mouse club reunion

Oscars 2017: Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake Had a 'Mickey Mouse Club' Reunion

Before they were Oscar nominees and worldwide superstars, Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake were just... Read more

oscars 2017 moonlight and la la land filmmakers share the love after awkward mix up

Oscars 2017: 'Moonlight' and 'La La Land' Filmmakers Share the Love After Awkward Mix-Up

In what must have been one of the most humiliating moments of his life, 'La La Land' producer Jordan... Read more

oscars 2017 best picture mix up inspires hilarious envelope meme

Oscars 2017: Best Picture Mix-Up Inspires Hilarious Envelope Meme

Last night's epic mix-up at the Oscars -- where 'La La Land' was incorrectly announced as the Best Picture... Read more

oscars 2017 ryan gosling had the best reaction to best picture snafu

Oscars 2017: Ryan Gosling Had the Best Reaction to Best Picture Snafu

Hey girl, it's just a silly awards show. Take your cue from Ryan Gosling and laugh off the Oscars 2017... Read more

steve harvey reacts to oscars 2017 gaffe call me warren beatty

Steve Harvey Reacts to Oscars 2017 Gaffe: 'Call Me, Warren Beatty'

It's not really a fair comparison, but it was an easy comparison: When the wrong winners were announced... Read more

oscars 2017 moonlight wins best picture

Oscars 2017: 'Moonlight' Wins Best Picture

And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to ... 'Moonlight.' After a VERY confusing envelope-related mix-up... Read more