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celebs respond to donald trump calling meryl streep over rated on twitter

Celebs Respond to Donald Trump Calling Meryl Streep 'Over-rated' on Twitter

Meryl Streep faced the wrath of Donald Trump Sunday after speaking against him in a powerful speech at... Read more

golden globes 2017 mma promoter invites meryl streep to attend fight after dissing sport

Golden Globes 2017: MMA Promoter Invites Meryl Streep to Attend Fight After Dissing Sport

The president-elect wasn't the only one who took offense with Meryl Streep's powerful speech while accepting... Read more

golden globes 2017 no hidden fences is not a real movie

Golden Globes 2017: No, 'Hidden Fences' Is Not a Real Movie

It's always embarrassing when television personalities flub the name of a nominated film during red carpet... Read more

golden globes 2017 the 5 funniest moments

Golden Globes 2017: The 5 Funniest Moments

The 2017 Golden Globes gave us its fair share memorable moments. But one of the calling cards for... Read more

golden globes 2017 the 11 best and worst moments

Golden Globes 2017: The 11 Best (and Worst) Moments

There was a lot of dramatic plunging going on at Sunday's 74th Golden Globes, and we don't just mean... Read more

golden globes 2017 tom hiddleston s south sudan speech faces backlash

Golden Globes 2017: Tom Hiddleston's South Sudan Speech Faces Backlash

Actor Tom Hiddleston meant well, and many fans understood and appreciated his intentions. But his speech... Read more

donald trump calls meryl streep overrated after golden globes speech

Donald Trump Calls Meryl Streep 'Overrated' After Golden Globes Speech

You had to know it was coming. In fact, some viewers knew exactly what Donald Trump would tweet about... Read more

meryl streep calls out donald trump in bold golden globes speech

Meryl Streep Calls Out Donald Trump in Bold Golden Globes Speech

'Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully... Read more

watch the golden globes tribute to carrie fisher and amp debbie reynolds

Watch the Golden Globes Tribute to Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

The Golden Globe Awards does not usually do In Memoriam tributes, and the show didn't do one this year... Read more

emma watson sings in new beauty and the beast golden globes tv spot

Emma Watson Sings in New 'Beauty and the Beast' Golden Globes TV Spot

Emma Watson's Belle wants adventure in the great wide somewhere in Disney's new TV spot/trailer for 'Beauty... Read more

ryan gosling dedicates golden globe to my lady eva mendes s late brother

Ryan Gosling Dedicates Golden Globe to 'My Lady' Eva Mendes's Late Brother

Ryan Gosling started his 2017 Golden Globe Award acceptance speech with a joke about Ryan Reynolds, and... Read more

golden globes viewers call sofia vergara s anus joke inappropriate

Golden Globes Viewers Call Sofia Vergara's 'Anus' Joke 'Inappropriate'

At first, some Golden Globe Awards 2017 viewers couldn't tell if Sofia Vergara was kidding or really... Read more