To be fair, he may have said it more than once. Ryan Reynolds is a natural comedian -- his timing is pretty much unmatched -- and he just opened up to The Hollywood Reporter on his path to "Deadpool," his wish that the Oscars had a comedy category, and why he told off Helen Mirren.

Dame Helen got dragged into the Q&A when THR asked Reynolds, "What is your biggest fear as an actor?" Here's his response:

"One of the most astonishing moments I've ever had was the first table read for 'Woman in Gold.' Helen Mirren leaned over and whispered, 'I'm so nervous.' I remember looking at her for a long beat. I leaned in and said, 'You're Helen f—ing Mirren. Get it the f— together.' We've been best buddies ever since, and there was something weirdly comforting about what she said. The day I'm not nervous when showing up on a set is the day I call it quits."

Can't you just picture him whispering that to Helen Mirren -- and picture her absolutely loving it? You can hear her guffaw from here.

Ryan Reynolds, TJ Miller, Ed Skrein and Morena Baccarin visit AOL Hq for Build on February 9, 2016 in New York. Photos by Noam GReynolds and the "Deadpool" crew have put their impressive comedy skills to work in an Oscars campaign for the movie. But Reynolds thinks there's a serious prejudice against the genre when it comes to awards.

"I'm grateful the Golden Globes recognizes [comedy] as a category," Reynolds told THR. "I wish the Academy did. Comedy is incredibly hard to do, and it's not something that comes easily. I would say my transition to drama began with a film called 'The Nines' [2007] with John August. I've been lucky and have been able to do both with varying degrees of success throughout my career."

Read Reynolds's full Q&A for more on his journey to "Deadpool." It recently made headlines that director Tim Miller left the franchise and won't direct "Deadpool 2," but Reynolds didn't have much to say on that, just sticking with "Ultimately, everything is on track, that's all that matters at the moment."

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