The characters of "Game of Thrones" will certainly face more conflict in the final two seasons -- and the people of Westeros will see dragons for the first time in more than 100 years -- but "torture"? Come on. We just got rid of Ramsay, let's not tempt the gods to send another villain like that.

Alfie Allen, whose character Theon Greyjoy certainly knows from torture, recently talked to fans at Malta India Fan Con in Puerto Rico, teasing a bit of what's ahead in Season 7. Watchers on the Wall posted video shared by a fan, and one of the takeaways was that Allen said there would be "more torture, more dragons" in the new season. However, in the context of the talk, it's pretty clear the "torture" part was just a joking play off what the moderator had just said. He probably didn't mean it as a real tease.Around the 9-minute mark of the video below, the moderator -- dressed as Wonder Woman -- asked Allen what's next on the HBO show. They had just talked about Theon's (literally) tortured past, so that's probably why it's referenced here:

Moderator: "Two seasons are coming up. 'Game of Thrones.' Yes. Seventh and eighth seasons programmed for 2017 and 2018. What can we expect as fans?"

Alfie Allen: "What can you expect? Just more of the same, but better."

Moderator: "More torture, more torture!"

Allen: "More torture, more dragons. More ... [he turned to the live audience, since they didn't have a big reaction] No dragons? You don't want dragons? You want dragons, right? So dragons, torture, 'cause [the moderator] wants to see some torture..."

It basically turned into some awkward flirtation, but it sounded like his real tease was just "more of the same, but better" and "more dragons." There will probably be dark moments and sad deaths that some fans could consider torture but it doesn't sound like we should take that torture tease literally.During the fan Q&A section, Allen was asked how Theon will feel when he sees Jon Snow and (power trippin') Sansa Stark again. Allen seemed aware of the spoilers out there about Season 7, and he referenced them when correcting the fan. "You mean IF that happens. Gotta stop looking at the Internet, guys." He did give a hypothetical answer, though. "I would say he would feel horrible. He'd feel awful. And he'd see it as a chance to redeem himself."

We'll have to see IF that happens when Season 7 arrives in summer 2017.

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