OK, "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premiere was horrific, and viewers had every right to be shocked, disgusted, and done watching the AMC show. But was it really more horrible than watching ISIS behead someone? Really?

TWD lost a lot of viewers -- a lot of viewers -- after the Season 7 premiere, and some of them were so upset they wrote complaint letters to the Federal Communications Commission. Through the Freedom of Information Act, the Daily Dot obtained complaints sent by more than a dozen viewers in the days after the October opener.

As site noted:

"Some of the complaints that the FCC released to the Daily Dot regarded technical issues, such as commercial volume, gripes with a cable company, or complaints about the language, including uncensored F-bombs from Lauren Cohan and Chris Hardwick on The Talking Dead and one particularly graphic line from Negan. ["I just slipped my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it."] But the majority of complaints that arrived immediately after and in the days following the season 7 premiere, 'The Day Will Come When You Won't Be' directly referenced the violence in the episode."

Daily Dot shared two separate complaint ticket orders from viewers comparing the premiere carnage to ISIS.

From Eagan, MN: "While a fan of the show, I think this episode went too far in gore and graphical nature for Television. This would have been rated R or NC-17 in the theater. You don't show ISIS beheading people on TV, nor should you allow someone to be beaten with a barbed-wire baseball bat."

From Hardy, VA, with the subject "AMC Walking Dead should be censored more.": "The AMC show The Walking Dead has transformed from people killing soulless animated corpses into a sadistic, emotional torture by showing people killing other people in the most brutal and sadistic ways. The last episode of season 6 and the latest episode of season 7 made me very anxious and sick to my stomach. Watching ISIS behead someone isn't as horrible as watching this tv show."

In case it needs to be said, ISIS = real, TWD = fiction.

You can head to Daily Dot to read all of complaints about the violence, gore, and "vulgar" language, including one from a parent who said the premiere left him/her and their 12-year-old daughter "psychologically traumatized."

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