To you, is this perfect?

On Saturday, Dec. 17, "Saturday Night Live" combined a modern Christmas classic with today's Dec. 19 meeting of the electoral college for a classic take on "Love Actually." In "Hillary Actually," Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) got Andrew Lincoln's role (make her play Rick Grimes next!) as the "caroler" who rings the doorbell under false pretenses. The object of affection this time was not Keira Knightley but an elector played by Cecily Strong. HRC tried to woo the elector to her side, or any side but Donald Trump's. ("But bish... he cray.")

"The Help" got dragged into things at one point, when Clinton's cards read off quotes from that movie instead of "Love Actually": "You is kind. you is smart. You is important. Is that this movie? I've literally never seen a movie."

Watch the sketch:Here are the original movie scenes: Casey Affleck hosted the Dec. 17 SNL (and had one standout sketch about Dunkin Donuts) and Felicity Jones will host the show when it returns in January.

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