The "surprise album drop" has been co-opted by television ("Horace and Pete," "The OA") and now by movies. A24 — the studio behind "Moonlight," "20th Century Women," and "The Lobster" — dropped a surprise trailer for a surprise movie that doesn't even have a title yet.

The movie's premise and plot is anyone's best guess. The trailer gives a spooky, "Black Magic"-like sci-fi tone. Over images of a baby, a teenage boy, and an Asian couple flash phrases: "Beyond reality" becomes "Realize feeling" becomes "Feel bare" becomes "Bear witness," etc. One of those images indicates it's the year 2076.

There's no release date either; the trailer just says "in our near future," which could mean anything. But it seems like this kind of "surprise drop" is the new fad in marketing, be it albums, binge-worthy TV shows, or eerie sci-fi movies.

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