Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights 2016 Ripple of Hope AwardActor Tim Daly had an eventful trip to the Sundance Film Festival this week, though it had nothing to do with the festival itself: The "Madam Secretary" star broke both of his legs in a skiing accident.

Daly himself tweeted about the news on Wednesday, poking fun at himself while describing his injuries (and assuring followers that aside from the obvious, he was otherwise feeling well).

"Broke my right ankle and left knee skiing. Simultaneously!," Daly wrote on the social media site. "How's that for talent? I'm all good."

According to Variety, the actor's injuries shouldn't affect production on the show -- which is currently in the midst of its third season -- though they may necessitate some rewrites for his character, the husband of titular star Tea Leoni. Following surgery on Wednesday, Daly needs between six and eight weeks to recover, the trade notes, giving producers and writers time to consider "a number of options, including either incorporating Daly's injury into the plot of the program or shooting around him."

Variety added:

" ... despite his broken legs, he will continue to appear in every episode of the season. One source close to the production said that the show may be far enough along in its shooting schedule that few changes could be needed."

Stay tuned to see how the show explains away -- or ignores entirely -- the actor's injuries. "Madam Secretary" airs on Sundays on CBS.

[via: Variety, Tim Daly/Twitter]

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