US-ENTERTAINMENT-FANTASTIC BEASTSJ.K. Rowling doesn't have any problem engaging with angry people on Twitter -- she'll even offer them helpful, if cheeky, advice.

The creator of the Harry Potter series has been the target of a lot of outrage recently in response to her criticism of Donald Trump, but she doesn't seem too bothered. When one now-former fan informed her they plan to burn their Harry Potter books and movies, Rowling pretty much said "good riddance." However, she was kind enough to issue a safety warning first.

Outraged individuals probably should take note and at least look into what happens when you burn a DVD before doing so. If they wish to proceed, then that's their prerogative. However, they should know that doing so isn't going to hurt Rowling. As she pointed out, she already got her cut of the sale.

The British author later joked that she's considering selling two-packs now -- a "'read one, burn one' deal for those who like the magic, but not the morals," she wrote.

In light of the recent angry tweets, a quote she shared on Jan. 30 is especially applicable.

Whether or not all of her fans agree with her, she's certainly standing up for something, just like her stories' beloved heroes.

[via: Twitter]