"Something always survives."

It really has to be a fun job to come up with Netflix teasers. You need the perfect blend of cryptic and intriguing, especially for a show like "The OA," which is officially continuing ... but that's all we get, for now.

Fans are still debating the meaning of "The OA" Season 1, two months after the eight episodes randomly arrived in mid-December -- with almost no notice from Netflix -- then became the new (more mysterious) "Stranger Things."

Netflix is already giving Season 2 more publicity than the first round, dropping this 15-second announcement video for "The OA Part II":"Coming: The OA Part II." Coming when? Please. Like they'd just go and tell you now.

In January, co-creator/star Brit Marling talked to Entertainment Weekly about Season 1's cliffhanger finale: "It feels to me like most of the provocative questions that are raised are eventually answered. From a writing perspective, there isn't anything we haven't solved in our heads. But the question is: How long does the story continue?"

How long indeed. She may know, but it will probably be a while before fans find out.

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