23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press RoomNot even the stars of "The Big Bang Theory" are sure whether or not they'll have jobs next season, since CBS is still negotiating with the show and its leads over new contracts. But Jim Parsons, who plays scientist Sheldon on the wildly popular program, is extremely confident that fans will get to enjoy more "Bang" next year.

In an interview with "Today," Parsons briefly addressed the ongoing uncertainty over the show's renewal for a potential season 11. While the actor cautioned that he didn't have any official news, he said he and his fellow cast members are all eager to return.

"I know everybody wants to," Parsons told "Today" of coming back for season 11. "I would be shocked if that doesn't happen, I really would be."

That's a more hopeful answer than others involved in the show's production have given in recent months. Back in September, Kaley Cuoco dodged queries about the show's future (she'd only say that season 11 was "a very expensive question," a likely nod to her, Parsons, and costar Johnny Galecki collecting $1 million paychecks per episode). And earlier this year, a CBS exec said he was "guardedly optimistic" about a renewal, though he added that there would be "tough negotiations" ahead.

Fans will have to keep waiting until CBS officially makes up its mind. At least audiences will have the upcoming young Sheldon spinoff to keep them happy if "Bang" goes out with a whimper.

[via: Today, h/t TVLine]