The "This Is Us" finale didn't quite feel like a finale, or even like a typical "This Is Us" episode. This is still a phenomenal show, and Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore deserve all the Emmys for that heartbreaking fight scene, but....

The whole episode focused just on Jack and Rebecca with one very brief scene each for The Big Three. We feel no closer to learning what happened to Jack, but do feel sad for the beloved core couple who were left in a bad place. (It also left many fans bashing Rebecca, whether that's fair or not.) We got to see the beautiful way Jack and Rebecca met, but also the ugly way they separated. Hopefully Season 2 brings them back together, but we already have the spoiler that Jack dies at some point when the kids are in their teens.

The episode left a few fans disappointed, hoping for more answers, more emotion, and something to live up to the previous two episodes, and to the finale hype.

As a fan named Hannah commented to Entertainment Weekly:

"This episode left me so underwhelmed. The sole moment I found captivating was Jack's monologue at the very end.

One reason I was dissatisfied was the prior episode eluded to an epic, revealing finale (Jack's death or not), and what they gave us was an hour of poker, Jack and Rebecca loooking for/missing one another, and a fight. I understand that they wanted to show that Rebecca saved Jack, but the entire episode could/should have been condensed to 20 minutes and spent actual time on the present day.

This was not a season finale, and certainly not a season finale I would expect from this show.

Underwhelmed and disappointed."

Another fan agreed, writing:

"They wrapped up Randall's, Kate's and Kevin's storylines in one line of dialogue: "I want to sing","I want to adopt a baby", "I"m just going to meet the director".

The rest was filler and teasing us with Jack's death which they had been for weeks. I'm glad Jack didn't die in a drunk driving accident and I wish he didn't have to die at all, I love Milo in this role, but it did seem like a unsatisfying season finale.

We already knew Jack's father was a drunk and that Rebecca was a singer. Oh, Jack almost became a thief."

Fans shared similar reactions on Twitter, seeming most upset that they didn't need to stock up on tissues after all:

However, other fans defended the finale, and were only disappointed with fans who were disappointed:

It's just that "This Is Us" fans are used to having STRONG feelings about each episode, and this one was just ... OK? It had at least one great scene, and that last speech from Jack was so powerful, but many viewers weren't left feeling the usual mix of warm-and-fuzzies and heartbreak.

And for most of the season we did expect to learn the truth about Jack's death fairly soon; it was only recently that the showrunners and stars made a point to say the story would not play out in Season 1. Some fans may not have read that news, and it's only natural that they would expect to get a fuller picture of Jack's death this year, since the spoiler that he died was given to us very early on.

So be it. On to Season 2, which has no official premiere date yet, but will also have 18 episodes. Season 1 started in September, so here's hoping Season 2 keeps to the same schedule.

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