Jenny SlateComedian Jenny Slate isn't known for holding back on her personal life and now she's spilling details on her break up with her "Gifted" co-star Chris Evans.

"I watched 'You've Got Mail' so many times, it was unbelievable," she tells Vulture. And she admits she cried. A lot. "Yeah, I did it right." Oh, we'd be crying non-stop too if Captain America was no longer in our lives.

"I don't mind talking about him at all. He's a lovely person," the former "SNL" regular says. "Last year was a giant, big year for my heart. I've never, ever thought to keep anything private because that's not really what I'm like, and now I'm learning those things, and they're weird, kind of demented lessons to learn."

In "Gifted," Evans plays the uncle of a young math prodigy Mary (Mckenna Grace) and Slate plays the girl's teacher who falls for him. She says she auditioned for the role partly because, "I want to show that it doesn't always have to be a bikini model opposite Captain America."

The two bonded during the game nights that Evans organized for the cast, which at first she thought she'd hate: "I was like, 'This is annoying. This guy's like a sports guy. He's the kid that likes P.E.'" But he quickly won her over. "I first really liked Chris as a person because he is so unpretentious," she says. "He is a straight-up 35-year-old man who wants to play games. That's it. I was like, 'I'd better not discount this, because this is purity.'"

When she realized Evans had "feelings" for her, at first she thought, "Is this a prank?" she tells Vulture. She adds, "If you are a woman who really cares about her freedom, her rights, her sense of being an individual, it is confusing to go out with one of the most objectified people in the entire world." When women would approach her in public and say, "'Oh my God, is that Chris Evans? He's so hot!' You're like, 'How dare you? That's my boyfriend. But yes, he's so hot.'"

Naturally, she has "no regrets" about being in a relationship with the high-profile heartthrob. And has nothing but wonderful things to say about him.

"Chris is truly one of the kindest people I've ever met, to the point where sometimes I would look at him and it would kind of break my heart," she gushes. "He's really vulnerable, and he's really straightforward. He's like primary colors. He has beautiful, big, strong emotions, and he's really sure of them. It's just wonderful to be around. His heart is probably golden-colored, if you could paint it."


'Gifted' opens April 7.