Death NoteDear, murderous diary ....

Netflix released the first trailer for the movie "Death Note," based on the popular Japanese horror manga. Nat Wolff stars as a young high school student who finds a notebook. But this is no ordinary notebook. The teen soon realizes that he can kill anybody just by writing their name in it. Soon, he becomes drunk with power, doling out death sentences to people he deems unworthy of life.

He also becomes acquainted with the terrifying Ryuk, a shinigami or god of death who follows the notebook's owner.

Willem Dafoe voices Ryuk, and the movie also stars Shea Whigham, Margaret Qualley, and Paul Nakauchi. "Death Note" is a huge sensation in Japan, where it's inspired anime series, live-action movies and TV shows, video games, and even a musical.

"Death Note" hits Netflix on Aug. 25.

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