Poor Meredith Grey ("Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 has an upcoming episode "set entirely on a commercial airliner as a crisis unfolds mid-flight." TVLine revealed a photo from that April 13 episode, "In the Air Tonight," directed by Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey).

As you can see below, Meredith and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) are seated next to each other on the plane, and Mer already looks troubled:

TVLine didn't have any other details, so we don't know if the crisis is a problem with the plane -- like fans could handle another crash after the Season 8 finale took Lexie Grey -- or a crisis with one of the passengers, and Grey and Riggs have to step in to help.

For all we know, there could be other doctors on that flight with them, although it kinda looks like maybe they are getting away together. If so, their expressions don't suggest a romantic start. They both look a bit alarmed, no? Or wary, at least. Mer does not look comfortable. Are her eyes red, or are we just reading too much into it? The woman next to them doesn't seem to be bothered.

Meanwhile, Ellen Pompeo played down the idea of Mer-Riggs romance, warning Entertainment Weekly "Don't get too excited." She added, "Whether you're ready or not, you have to make the leap; I don't know if she's ready." Mer hasn't forgotten you, Derek!

"Grey's" has some intriguing episodes coming up, including Episode 18, "Be Still, My Soul," directed by Pompeo. That one is next, and it's meant to be very emotional. Then we have Episode 19, "What's Inside," which sounds troubling for Stephanie, at least professionally. This in-flight episode is Episode 20. At some point, Jo's husband is expected to show up to cause drama. The season finale will be Episode 24, and it's meant to be dark, dramatic, and intense.

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