Sofia Vergara is the highest-paid star on TV -- by so much -- for the seventh year in a row.

She's not just the highest-paid actress, she also topped the list of actors' pay, which was released yesterday.

But Vergara only makes about half of her $42.5 million payday from "Modern Family." According to Forbes, the rest of her money is from her many endorsements, plus lucrative licensing deals.

As Forbes noted, Vergara's 2017-2018 pay was 73 percent more than the $24.5 million Kaley Cuoco picked up to rank No. 2 on the actress list.  But 95 percent of Cuoco's pay is from "The Big Bang Theory." (Cuoco's total is slightly less than the No. 1 on the actor list, her "Big Bang Theory" co-star Jim Parsons.)

And despite all the hullabaloo about Ellen Pompeo's new contract for "Grey's Anatomy" making her the highest-paid TV actress, she's actually No. 3.

The World's Highest-Paid Actresses 2018:

1. Sofia Vergara
Earnings: $42.5 million
"Modern Family"

2. Kaley Cuoco
$24.5 million
"The Big Bang Theory"

3. Ellen Pompeo
$23.5 million
"Grey's Anatomy"

4. Mariska Hargitay
$13 million
"Law & Order: SVU"

5. Julie Bowen
$12.5 million
"Modern Family"

6. (tie) Mayim Bialik
$12 million
"Big Bang Theory"

6. (tie) Melissa Rauch
$12 million
"Big Bang Theory"

8. Kerry Washington
$11 million

9. Claire Danes
$9 million

10. Pauley Perrette
$8.5 million

"Scandal" is now over, Perrette has left "NCIS," and both "Homeland" and "The Big Bang Theory" have announced they are ending soon. So this list, like the men's list, is going to break wide open in the next couple of years.

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