Seth Meyers is the only loser in this story, since he missed the whole thing play out. "Late Night" talking more about his bromance with co-star Ryan Reynolds.

Seth Meyers called the two yin and yang, surprised that they got along so well in real life. Gyllenhaal said he knew Reynolds in passing beforehand, but didn't really get to know him until they started shooting. "He's just a great dude." Meyers asked if they're really friends. Gyllenhaal quipped, "No. I mean I don't know him, I've never really spoken to him." Meyers asked if he could get Reynolds on the phone. Gyllenhaal said yes, and whipped out his phone in an attempt to FaceTime him.

It did not work.

The phone just rang and rang with no answer. You can just picture Reynolds on the other end, offering a deep sigh and an eyeroll to the heavens. Not this guy again.

Meyers said Gyllenhaal didn't really know Ryan Reynolds. Gyllenhaal swore he did, and said he'd try again while Meyers did something else. So they tried again.

It did not work. Again.

The phone rang and rang. However, when they went to a commercial break, and Meyers went backstage to deal with a microphone issue, Ryan Reynolds actually called back. So Gyllenhaal stole Meyers's desk and chatted with Reynolds while the actor was out pushing his kids in a stroller.

That part happens at the 3:10 mark:At least JGyll got to prove he's friends with Ry-guy! Although, if you watched their classic junket interview, you already knew that.

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