For those lucky few who got to see the first footage of "The Dark Tower" yesterday at CinemaCon (there isn't even a trailer out yet), most seemed thoroughly impressed.

According to The Wrap, who said the footage, "did not disappoint," what was shown was "a showcase for star Idris Elba — taking down enemies with a molten silver pistol."

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Matthew McConaughey's villain, The Man in Black, is "scarily creepy."

Reaction across Twitter was mostly positive, with CinemaCon attendees raving it was "really cool," "solid" and "badass," with lots of nods to Stephen King's other works.

At least one guy, however, thought it was just "OK...?"

As for King himself, he said recently he's already seen the film and it's "terrific," as is the new adaptation of "It," which opens in September.

"The Dark Tower" arrives in theaters July 28. Here's the "Inception"-esque poster.