Ouch. "Man Down," starring Shia LaBeouf as a U.S. Marine with PTSD returning home from Afghanistan, made headlines this week when it opened in the United Kingdom with just one ticket sold. It was only playing in one theater, though, and the manager of that theater told The Hollywood Reporter the film has now sold three tickets, but will likely end its weeklong run this Thursday without more sales.

(Unless some fans in the town of Burnley, England, rush over now to see what the lack of fuss is about.)

"Man Down" co-stars Gary Oldman, Jai Courtney, and Kate Mara, so there was certainly enough combined starpower to draw in a crowd of more than three. But THR pointed out that the movie only played in that one Reel Cinema in Burnley, and only once a day, and with no real promotion. Still, that makes it one of the lowest openings ever for a movie with such a famous cast, and the theater manager told THR she hadn't "experienced anything like it before."

If "Man Down" does end its U.K. run with three tickets sold, that's a total of £21 ($26.20). The movie premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2015, and went on to the Toronto Film Festival the same year. It made $454,490 in its limited theatrical run this past December in the U.S.

"Man Down" was released on Digital HD on February 21, and Blu-ray/DVD/On Demand March 7, so you could argue that anyone who wanted to see the movie just watched it from the comforts of home.

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