Practical Magic 1998, Sandra Bullock, Nicole KidmanWitches (played by box office royalty Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman), romance, a family curse, and sisters with an immutable bond -- on the outside, that's everything one would need to cast a spell of cinematica perfectum. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Yes, the CAN'T WAIT! crew grabbed their broomsticks (and tequila) and dove headlong into the 1998 romantic comedy / drama / thriller / supernatural drama / romance / [insert sixth genre here] "Practical Magic," a movie that struggles for an hour and forty-five minutes to figure out exactly what it is, then leaves you wondering what, exactly, you just watched. But hey, the movie isn't without its redeeming qualities -- they're just few and far between. Topics discussed include Bullock and Kidman unconvincingly playing teenagers, deadly curses with more patience than Mahatma Gandhi, Camilla Belle's eyebrows, and a town where it's OK for kids to yell profanity at other kids, as long as those kids are witches.

Next week we'll be watching and discussing Tony's pick, the 1993 career suicide machine "Super Mario Bros." No one is happy about -- except Tony.

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