CinemaCon 2017 - 20th Century Fox's Presentation Highlighting Its Future Release ScheduleGoldie Hawn already has a daughter in Kate Hudson, but her "Snatched" co-star Amy Schumer seems to have earned a place as an honorary one.

Hawn and Schumer recently sat down with EW and made it clear how much they adore each other. They gushed about how much fun they had working together on the upcoming comedy, and Hawn said they "have the same DNA." Apparently, they're very similar, especially when it comes to their goals for comedy.

They brought those philosophies to "Snatched," a story about a mother and daughter who take off for South America to spend quality time together after the daughter's bad breakup. Since the two women are very different, it isn't exactly a smooth trip. It is one, however, that will be touching.

"What I love about this movies is that it's not just a caper movie," Hawn told EW. "It's really got grounding."

The actress specifically highlighted how the two main characters interact. They show "the beauty and frustration of a mother-daughter relationship," according to Hawn.

Schumer added her two cents, letting moviegoers know that we should "get ready to also feel."

The comedy sounds like a heartwarming one, so if you're looking for Mother's Day ideas, "Snatched" opens in theaters that weekend, on May 12.

[via: EW]