Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences' 'Father's Day Salute To TV Dads'Fans and co-stars were shocked and saddened to hear of the death of "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi." It was initially unclear what led to her death, but the Harrison County Coroner's office just revealed the autopsy results, suggesting the star died from complications of Stage 4 cancer.

Here's the statement (via People):

"On Saturday the 22nd day of April, 2017, Erin Marie Moran-Fleischmann passed away at her residence located in New Salisbury, Indiana. A joint investigation into Mrs. Moran's death was conducted by the Harrison County Sheriff's Department and the Harrison County Coroner's Office. A subsequent autopsy revealed that Mrs. Moran likely succumbed to complications of stage 4 cancer. Standard toxicology tests were performed and the results are pending however no illegal narcotics were found at the residence."

Moran's "Happy Days" co-stars reacted to her death, including Ron Howard, who played Joanie's older brother Richie Cunningham; Scott Baio, who played Chachi to her Joanie; and Henry Winkler, aka The Fonz:

She will be missed.

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