Fear not citizens, the Tick is on his way.

Amazon announced the release date for its revival of the superhero parody via a brief teaser video. The 10-episode season will begin streaming August 25.

The short-lived original "Tick" series aired on Fox in 2001, but developed a cult following in later years. The revival stars Peter Serafinowicz as the titular blue superhero and Griffin Newman as sidekick Arthur Everest, and is produced by original series creator Ben Edlund.

The new "Tick" will be more dramatic than the 2001 version, as Edlund told Polygon. There are no puns, and the show focuses more on the relationships between the characters. It's also somewhat darker.

I don't think we ever had someone die in The Tick," Edlund said. "In the pilot, someone dies and it leaves a couple of people reeling. It's a difficult scene, but it's the kind of change that needed to happen."

The "Tick" pilot is still available to watch on Amazon