German Sustainability Award 2016All those action flicks Nicolas Cage does had to catch up with him at some point.

The actor has reportedly suffered an onset injury, but luckily it doesn't sound like one that is particularly horrible, all things considered. Cage broke his ankle while filming the film "#211" in Bulgaria, Deadline reports. Painful as it may be, he sought medical attention and hopes to be able to start shooting again within two weeks.

The injury came in what was said to be a freak accident. The movie, which centers on a bank heist, is action-heavy, so it makes sense that even a professional like Cage could get hurt. He was taken to a hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria, and then returned to Los Angeles for further care after finding out doctors wanted him to undergo surgery.

It remains to be seen how Cage's broken ankle will impact production, but hopefully he will be back on his feet (literally) soon.

[via: Deadline]