(L-R) Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest appear on stage during the American Idol Grand Finale in Hollywood, California April 7, 2016.  REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni - RTSE3MVNews about an "American Idol" revival has been pitchy in the past year, but ABC may have picked the right song. But even if that network wins the reboot competition, it's going to need a new host. Ryan Seacrest can only do so many jobs at once. (Maybe call Brian Dunkleman?)

"Idol" ran for 15 seasons on FOX, breaking ratings records along the way. It just ended in 2016, but there was talk of another network scooping it up. TMZ previously said NBC and FOX were in a bidding war that fell apart due to fighting between Fremantle and Core Media Group, who co-produce the show. TMZ just reported that ABC contacted Fremantle last week to make a bid to buy "Idol," with the hope to reboot the show for a March 2018 premiere.

Who would host? Ryan Seacrest already has a thousand jobs, including a new one co-hosting ABC's "Live" with Kelly Ripa. TMZ was told that ABC asked about having Seacrest as host, and even asked if the show could be shot in New York, where Seacrest is now living. But sources said Fremantle nixed the New York idea, saying the show will have to be shot in Los Angeles. ABC seems to think that makes it out of the question for Seacrest to host "Idol," so -- if this does go through at ABC, or anywhere, really -- "American Idol" will need a new host.

TMZ said Fremantle will now go back to Core to see if they can agree to negotiate with ABC, and also go back to NBC and FOX. Stay tuned for more updates ... after the break!

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