Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' 'Passengers' - ArrivalsIf you're waiting for Jennifer Lawrence to regret getting naughty at a Vienna strip club, in recently leaked footage, you'll want to grab another drink 'cause it'll be a long wait. Instead, the Oscar-winning actress confirmed her stripper pole escapades in a new Facebook post, adding, "I had a BLAST that night."

RadarOnline posted video of Lawrence partying on April 27 at the Beverly Hills Club in Vienna, Austria, where she was filming "Red Sparrow." She reportedly arrived with three men, a woman, and a bodyguard, and witnesses dished on her night out:

"Jennifer seemed drunk, crawling on all fours around the stage and bending over for men to ogle. She kissed one guy, and even started dry-humping him while they danced! At some point during the night, she lost her blouse, so she was only wearing a bra for the more scandalous dancing!"

How terribly scandalous! Or not.

Jen took to Facebook to set the record straight, in a pretty hilarious, very JLaw little note:


Nobody wants to be reminded that they tried to dance on a stripper pole by the internet. It was one of my best friend's birthdays and I dropped my paranoia guard for one second to have fun. I'm not going to apologize, I had a BLAST that night.

Ps that's not a bra it's an Alexander Wang top and I'm not gonna lie, I think my dancings pretty good. Even with no core strength.


Apologize? Are you kidding? How do we get her to invite us next time?

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