Near, far, wherever you are, you'll melt for little Celine Tam, whose "America's Got Talent" audition video already earned more than 10 million views in a "leak" days before her episode aired.

Tam, age 9, appears in Season 12, Episode 4, airing Tuesday, June 20 (aka tonight), but the NBC reality show teased her song in a clip posted to YouTube on June 16, ending just before the judges's comments. (They're going to be good, especially from Mel B.)

Celine Tam came to the auditions with her family, including her parents and younger singer, Dion. Yep, both Celine and Dion were named for the legend Celine Dion, and of course young Celine sang the "Titanic" ballad "My Heart Will Go On" for her audition.

Watch the video:It's so sweet to see her parents tear up backstage.

Some fans get tired of seeing singers on AGT, since there are other opportunities for singers outside of this particular reality show. But come on. This one was cute, right? Maybe she's not the next Celine Dion herself, but the real one must be beaming with pride out there.

"America's Got Talent" Season 12 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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