2017 FOX Upfront"X-Files" co-star David Duchovny, but her fight for gender equality isn't over.

After TVLine reported that the upcoming season of the revival will be penned by an all-male writing staff, Anderson responded to a Washington Post piece on the subject. The actress was clearly disappointed by the news; she highlighted the fact that women have only ever directed a tiny percentage of "X-Files" episodes, and expressed her hope that such gender disparities won't always be the reality.

"And 2 out of 207 eps directed by women," she tweeted. "I too look forward to the day when the numbers are different. ."

Some Twitter users are ready to do whatever they can to promote the inclusion of more women behind the camera, and one got an enthusiastic "Yes!" from Anderson after floating the idea of a petition to bring back director Michelle MacLaren.

There is still time for a push for change to be successful; "The X-Files" Season 11 isn't expected until 2018.

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