Jeopardy James


Who knew it would be harder to keep "Jeopardy!" spoilers under wraps than the ending of "Game of Thrones"?

Monday's episode was set to be a memorable one, with contestant James Holzhauer's earnings approaching the record of more than $2.5 million that Ken Jennings won during a 75-win streak in 2004. And memorable it was -- but many fans who planned to tune in found the game spoiled for them thanks to a leak.

There are spoilers ahead for the June 3 "Jeopardy!" episode! Read on only if you're prepared to learn the outcome.

The leaked footage revealed the outcome of the game, as Deadline reports. It showed librarian Emma Boettcher taking down Holzhauer after an intense match-up, leaving him still shy of Jennings's initial winnings record. The result hit the news, social media, and more, unfortunately spoiling the episode for many. Tweets from Monday show that a lot of people were upset about learning what happened before they were ready.

At least it was still an exciting game.

"Jeopardy!" airs weekdays, with its air time and network varying by market.