ONCE UPON A TIME - "The Bear and the Bow" - In a Camelot flashback, a chance encounter with Merlin, David, Hook and Belle gives Merida new hope in her quest to save her brothers from the usurping clans of DunBroch. Unwilling to leave anything up to fate, Merida brings Belle along on a dangerous journey that culminates with an invaluable lesson in bravery. In Storybrooke, Regina, Mary Margaret and David discover the spell that would allow one of Merlin's chosen to communicate with him, but when Arthur fails to reach the missing sorcerer the heroes grow suspicious. Meanwhile, Emma commands Merida to kill Belle in hopes of forcing Mr. Gold's heroic transformation. With Merida unable to disobey Emma's orders, Gold must find the courage to fight for Belle's life or risk losing her forever, on "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ed Araquel)COLIN O'DONOGHUE, LANA PARRILLA"Once Upon a Time" will reach new heights in the Season 7 premiere.

Co-showrunner Adam Horowitz shared the first semi-spoiler of the new season on social media, revealing the first episode's title is "Hyperion Heights":

We have a draft! #onceuponatime #titlespoiler #season7begins

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Sounds like a soap opera town, doesn't it? Many fans suspect this is the name of a location, perhaps the new home base of the characters. As TVLine wrote:

"My very first impression is that Hyperion Heights will be the name of the new (Seattle-adjacent?) 'home base' for the series, seeing as Storybrooke, Maine will no longer be the primary setting. But as for the title's obvious 'DNA,' Hyperion Avenue was the location of Walt Disney Studios prior to 1939, while Hyperion is the name of Disney's children's books imprint. Hyperion was also the name of a powerful Greek titan (the 'God of Watchfulness, Wisdom and the Light'), as well as assorted Marvel comic book characters."

Fans have also been reacting on Twitter:

FYI, here's the Hyperion post Horowitz shared a few weeks ago:

Our new offices have some history to them... #OnceUponATime #season7 #day1

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But, to be honest, fans are spending most of their time commenting on the many cast and story changes for the new season, requesting the return of X or Y, or complaining about the move from Sundays to Fridays. (Don't forget: Many of your favorites will be back, including the Charmings and Emma, even if just for one episode.)

There will be a lot of changes for Season 7, which will air Fridays at 8 p.m. on ABC this fall, and it remains to be seen how many viewers will stick around to see them play out.

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