Bachelor Nation is on a queasy roll this week, from "Bachelor in Paradise" set. Lowering the bar one week at a time!

"Bachelor in Paradise" is back on, after the studio's investigation concluded there was no wrongdoing between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. But by the time that came out, both "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" stars saw their reputations dragged through the mud. It's still ugly out there, but in ABC's promo, the real problem is that a pesky alleged sex assault investigation almost ruined fans's summer guilty pleasure.

The promo uses quotes from fans who were "heartbroken," "devastated" and "sobbing" after the initial news that "Bachelor in Paradise" was suspended and might not return. Then the promo turns around with glee when the news is revealed that "Paradise" is back, with more elated quotes and bad "Paradise" puns. There's no mention of why "Paradise" was gone, or how serious the allegations were, or really of anything but relief that those big ole meanies will no longer ruin your fun.

Some fans liked the promo -- especially if their quotes were included -- but the preview made more than a few viewers uncomfortable.

Yikes. Rough week for Bachelor Nation. And yet, ratings were up for "The Bachelorette" hometowns, and more fans than ever will probably watch "Bachelor in Paradise" to see how they address the scandal. So to the producers and ABC it's probably a big win.

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