deadpool, deadpool 2, cable, josh brolinAfter revealing the intense first photos of Josh Brolin's character Cable earlier this week, "Deadpool 2" star Ryan Reynolds couldn't help but offer fans a more humorous look at the new hero.

In a Twitter post, Reynolds shared a snap from the set featuring a smiling, flexing Brolin, who's posing with what appears to be a child in a Deadpool costume. But according to Reynolds, that's no kid.

"Josh Brolin and I love to just hang out and chat between takes," the actor captioned the picture. "He calls me his lil' Shake Weight™."

Imagining that that's actually Reynolds next to Brolin is admittedly ridiculous, but also pretty hilarious. And as ever, the caption is in keeping with Reynolds's quirky, snarky commentary about all things "Deadpool," which he's carried over from production on the first flick. We imagine the social media shenanigans will continue throughout production.

While this photo is certainly more lighthearted than the two official stills of the character we've seen so far, its clear display of Brolin's impressive physique -- which he teased earlier this summer -- is no joke. To put it bluntly: Dude got jacked for this movie. If fans weren't convinced before that he could keep up with the action in the follow-up, they should be now.

"Deadpool 2" is due in theaters sometime in 2018.

[via: Ryan Reynolds]

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