"Game of Thrones" is hotter than ever, both literally and figuratively, as it continues to break its own viewership records in its seventh season. And for the second week in a row, it's attracted the biggest audience in its history.

Last Sunday's episode, "Eastwatch," narrowly bested the previous week's offering, "Spoils of War," to become the most-watched installment of the HBO fantasy series ever, edging past the former's 10.2 million viewers to score 10.72 million sets of eyeballs. At the rate things are going, we fully expect that record to fall by the time the season seven finale airs in a few weeks.

The show's ratings success comes in the wake of some turmoil at HBO, which has been the victim of a massive hack -- and subsequent leak of internal emails, entire episodes and scripts of its original series, and other sensitive information -- over the past few weeks. A separate case of a stolen "Thrones" episode was recently solved, with four people in India arrested over the theft and online posting of "Spoils of War."

That leak didn't stop "Spoils" from setting a ratings record, though, and HBO has declared that it won't be blackmailed by the other hackers, either. It appears that when you have a massively popular cultural phenomenon in your corner, nothing else really matters.

Season seven of "Game of Thrones" wraps on August 27.

[via: Deadline]